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Running a photography business is not an easy thing. The creative skills for making great images don’t always sit alongside the skills for setting up and running a business.

Whether it’s knowing how to set up a business, or attract clients, or develop a social media strategy, or plan for taxes – I may be able to help you. I have developed these resources for you.

Beyond Here – the business photography blog

Beyond Here is a blog I started in 2014 dedicated to the business side of photography. If you are looking for a free resource to help you set up or run your photography business more effectively – please head over to

Business coaching

Based on the success of Beyond Here, I found strong demand for tailored business solutions. If you are looking for ideas, input and guidance for your business please see these options.

The "Brain Dump Business Lunch" - $200 - over a 2 hour lunch, cover all aspects related to setting up your business. Topics will be tailored to your needs and can include business structures, invoicing, financial records, attracting new clients, retaining clients, marketing, pricing, workflow, and social media strategy. This suits photographers who are starting out, are serious about their business, and want a jump start.

The "Business Coach" Program - $100 per month - ongoing coaching and help available when you need it. Program includes full analysis of your existing business and structured monthly reviews. The business coach program suits new and existing photographers who are serious about business success. I am focused on making sure the program more than pays for itself. If we can't improve your business performance by at least $100 per month - then I'll refund your fee.

Stock Photography Ebook

I got into stock photography in 2008, and it is a core part of my business. I wrote an ebook to encourage other photographers into stock photography. You can purchase it here for just $5. Build A Five Figure Income in Your Spare Time.